Sensual Hairy All Natural Kinky GFE

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
Marilyn Monroe

About Me

Have you always found yourself attracted to women who know who they are and stand in their power. I’m a woman who knows every bit of her beauty and how it drives men wild. I delight in the power it gives me, my curves and coquettish smile luring men in. Seeing a man desperate for me makes me feel powerful. I love knowing I am desired.

I love bringing that power I have into the bedroom. Having a man bask in my sexuality and appreciate all I’m capable of. Using my intelligence as well as my body to tease out your fantasies and bring them to life. I am highly intuitive and will safely guide you right to the edge until you crash over into ecstasy.

Being a seductress has made me a natural sensual dominant in the bedroom. A Goddess among men. I love to mentally and physically seduce a man use every weapon in my arsenal to ensnare and make a man weak for me and pliable to my every whim.

I enjoy my kinky side and helping others explore theirs, while equally satisfied by a traditional meeting. I am skilled in the art of seduction and bringing a man to his knees. Let go of your burdens and ego and give in to how good it feels to let a Goddess lead. To revel in the sensation of worshiping my all natural curves, luscious bush, and to be smothered by my essence.

I am available for dinner dates, vanilla GFE, as well kink and BDSM rendezvous

My favorite kinks include body worship, face sitting/smothering and water sports but I enjoy a plethora of others. I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the vastness of human sexuality. My offerings include

Body/Goddess worship


Water sports

Face sitting/smothering

Tease and denial



Spanking/impact play

Sensual domination

Role play

Financial domination

Armpit worship/play

Hairy fetish

Sensory play

Smoke play



Wax Play

Ball busting

My limits include subbing and switching, degradation around gender, race and sexual orientation, permanent bodily harm or alteration and filming.

My natural warmth and bubbly personality will put you at ease, and allow you to relax and enjoy our time together. I forgo artificial scents and heavy colognes in favor of my natural pheromones. I like to let my body exist the way it was meant to and remain unshaven and delight in embracing the human body in all its forms.

Whether you’re new to companionship or not, I can’t wait for the adventures we will go on together. Take me out for tacos and flirtatious banter, or curl up on the couch smoking a joint, watch a bad movie, then get distracted with an intense make out session. Let’s steal a few hours away from the world together and connect on a human level.


Age: 30

Body Type: Hourglass

Height: 5’5″

Bust: 36D

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Shoe size: 9

Birth sign: Taurus

Favorite Flower: Sunflower

Favorite Cuisines: Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican

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